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personal note…

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about MSN Games specific.  Well, aside from the fact I was on vacation for a bit, I am no longer working with MSN Games.  What does this mean for me, and for this space?  For me, I’m getting up to speed on a new gig working more closely with blogs, forums, and other such services to help bring people together (think community).  As for posting on games here, I’ll still be posting from time to time — though realistically not as often.

In the mean time, I can’t pass up an opportunity to point you in the direction of an interesting game I ran across.  It’s one of those pervasive gameplay things, put on by none other than Jane McGonigal.  It’s called Cruel 2B Kind and she’s playtesting this weekend in California for anyone in the area.  I wish I could try it as it seems to take the whole random silliness and surprise that I like from games of Assassin, without that whole violent theme.  Nice little twist :-) 

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PAX opens up

Real quick post as I’m off to dinner with the in-laws.  Penny Arcade’s third Expo is upon us and it’s getting more press.  Not sure if I can make it to the event this year, but if anyone here is attending, would love to hear a report.  Not having heard from my cousins in SF, I’m guessing they didn’t make it either.

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tech, and games on the battlefield

I ran across an interesting article today about tech and games on the battlefield in Iraq.

The recreation area had several video game systems from all the major makers, as well as 16 computers for true 8vs8 Counterstrike

Whether or not this is a good thing, seems up for debate in the article.  Regardless, it is interesting to me how games are intersecting with all manners of life — here at home or abroad during times of war.

Oh, I am also posting this via the Windows Live Writer.  Still getting the hang of it but it seems pretty neat.  If you have multiple blogs, for example, you just use this tool to toggle between them and post what you want.

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A Call to Action

Apologies for the apparent non-sequitor, but this has the potential to change how people connect with one another online.
It looks like the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Deleting Online Predators Act.  While well intentioned, the broad language of this legislation could severely restrict access to tools and services online that help people connect with one another.
Alowng with the whole Net Neutrality piece, this is prime time to get involved with decisions that can drastically change how we interact with each other online.
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Mobile games and Starbucks

This is intriguing…Starbucks recently launched a new game for the summer that involves a little bit of trivia, mobile phones, texting and pictures.  This reminds me a bit of Nike’s text message campaign a few years ago where people would go on scavenger hunts based on text messages they received after spotting a particular ad.  If this Starbucks campaign sounds familiar, it should.  It’s based on the notion of SuperStar, a game that involves social networking, pictures and mobile phones.
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Playing for a Cause

For those of you who play on MSN Games, it should be no surprise that members of the community want to give back to others.  I just think back on all the situations over the years where people have pulled together to help team members with illnesses, or natural disasters.  There’s also many stories like this where those in the community are helping others do more in their communities.  That’s why I’m especially pleased to announce Playing for a Cause. 
So what can you do to support the YWCA in helping women overcome the barriers of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and racial injustice?  Well there are two fun ways to get involved through MSN Games
1) for each game (a new one each week) downloaded a dollar will be donated to the YWCA
2) attend one of the special events throughout the United States and play games there.  For each minute played at these events, one dollar will be donated to the YWCA.
So what are you waiting for?  Let’s all play for a cause :-)
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